A man destined to make it into the scrapbooks of greatest business magnates, born in one of most prominent business families in India is Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh. Right from his younger days, he has been that keen enthusiastic child who envisions his identity as of a leader; and not a follower. With such a brilliant frame of mind Ajay Singh went on ahead to become one of the greatest business magnates from India. Ajay Harinath Singh is also celebrated as one of the most spiffing businesspeople across the globe.

Ajay Singh’s name outshined and he rose to stardom because of his untiring attitude towards making things happen. Ajay Singh’s out-of-the-box ideas has earned him many excellent achievements and accolades making him more reputable and respected man among the business giants. Ajay Singh’s entrepreneurial style has become an inspiration to many – to be ethical, sustainable and become a beacon of goodwill to the society – contributing to the ones in need at all times. Ajay Harinath Singh has been rightfully bestowed upon the Times Power Men and Young Iconic Entrepreneur Awards, among many others.


On November 6, 1980, a business family who specialized in mining, shipping, agriculture and finance were blessed with a child destined for greatness – Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh. His family’s heritage as one of the most prominent business groups in the nineties became the greatest source of motivation during his childhood. Ajay Singh’s passion to understand business and create a world full of opportunities for himself and the people around him paved a way to take up this route as he grew up.

Graduating from KM Doongursee College, Dadar in the year 1997, Ajay Harinath Singh went on ahead to pursue his masters from London. With his formal education now completed, he persevered into various businesses like Kraftos London, Cobra plc, Aviva Life Insurance, MetLife Insurance, and Bharti Axa Life Insurance. Ajay Harinath Singh’s was enthusiastic to learn and grow, and find his own entrepreneurial success and not limit himself to his family’s business.


Through and through in his pursuit, Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh joined his family business and proved himself as an important pillar giving a meteoric rise to the Singh family’s empire. Moving forward in his quest to greatness and better things Ajay Harinath Singh laid the foundations for Darwin Platform Group. Taking 96% of the ownership from his family, Darwin Platform Group expanded quickly under his able guidance, making the family one of the wealthiest ones in India.

With a viewpoint of providing services that cater to a customer’s needs and offering top notch solutions, Ajay Harinath Singh founded various companies under the name Darwin Platform Group. Meticulously, Ajay Harinath Singh established more diversified companies like Darwin Platform Arms, Darwin Platform Aviotronics Inc., which retails Sukhoi 30 and MIG aircraft. Singh also established a national banking company that was later transferred to his two sons.

Under Ajay Harinath Singh’s rational guidance, Darwin Platform Group ventured into several sectors like pharmaceuticals, finance, banking, mining, realty, information technology, and education. In 2010, Mr. Ajay Singh incorporated a public company, Darwin Platform Holdings Ltd. The company has its branches located across the globe, namely, in London, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany, Hong Kong, U.S., China, and Dubai.


“If the employees are given ample chances and opportunities to grow they will become great assets for any organization” – is Mr. Singh’s ethical beliefs. To him, the persistence and diligence of an employee is more significant as they can make conversions of intangible values possible. This philosophy is shared among his team members as well. He creates an enthusiastic atmosphere encouraging people to take risks and invent new things. He always credits the great success of his venture to the determination and the dedication of the people that Darwin Platform has been able to generate long-term value for its clients.

He is proactive with his employees being open to their thoughts, ideas and is also on-board to their creative inputs. He has inspired his employees to become a very inspiring team and they have found their own niche in the company – one of the rarest opportunities ever seen in an organization. The employees are never discouraged, instead, are supported through times of troubles irrespective professional life or personal. Under Ajay Harinath Singh’s guidance, Darwin Platform focuses on the diversity of its employees to represent the diversity of clients and invests in employees’ careers, maximizing individual potential, reinforcing culture and expanding professional opportunities.


Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh is not only a business magnate or a leader but also a philanthropist. Ajay Harinath Singh donates a part of his wealth to various charities not as a business but a gentleman. He has pledged to serve the needy and provide for those who cannot afford. One of the prime interests for Ajay Harinath Singh’s charitable work is to focus on providing quality education. Various educational institutions have been the primary beneficiaries of his charitable contributions in India and overseas. Ajay Harinath Singh’s academic interests have extended beyond business management into the legal systems. In the United States, Ajay Harinath Singh donated $2 million to establish a curriculum for small business management at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Ajay Harinath Singh has also donated an additional $500,000 to set up a scholarship fund for minority students who want to enter its science or engineering schools.

In addition, through the Darwin Platform’s CSR activities, Ajay Harinath Singh successfully built low-cost hospitals in Latur (Maharashtra) and Bhuj (Gujarat). Raising over Rs. 250 crore, these hospitals targeted the needs of low-income families in these areas focusing on providing quality and affordable health services. Apart from the healthcare, Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh also believes in the quest for the elimination of world hunger. The AHS (Ajay Harinath Singh) Food Charity was set up in his native nation, India, to provide food to homeless and needy and has now opened food kitchens in London (UK) and Philadelphia (US), providing vegetarian meals to the needy.



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